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Since 1941, American Breeding Services has provided farmers with the tools they need to improve livestock performance through selective breeding and genetic engineering. Today, ABS Global is a leading provider of bovine genetics, reproduction services, artificial insemination and udder-care products. Our services are available for both dairy and beef cattle.

American Breeding Services covers all areas of cattle genetic development, including fertility certificate programs for sires, genomic auditing and genetic programs to reduce health disorders and improve performance. We evaluate our beef sires on every major performance factor, from calving to carcass quality, giving buyers a complete picture of each bull. By using our evaluations on their herds, farmers can compare bull performance against their own cattle so they can focus on the traits they need to improve their profitability. ABS semen can be used to target improved beef performance, and it also works well for crossbreeding beef on dairy. We also offer sexed bull semen, making it easier to manage heifer inventory, reducing excess replacements and lowering rearing expenses.

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